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MindWorks Marketing

full service marketing agency

Founded in 1998, MindWorks Marketing is a leading full-service agency. We specialise in delivering strategic results-driven digital, print, PR, branding, website design and development, creative, events, video and photography.

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A great strategy is at the core of all great creative work. We work with our clients to gain a true understanding of their business needs, genuine consumer insights and an overview of their market. These strategies form the foundations of everything we do.

AR, Apps, Voice tech


Whether it’s producing sector first Augmented reality (AR) projects, brand first apps or voice technology solutions, we adore the power that ‘digital’ delivers to our clients. AR is an amazing tool for product demonstration, a bespoke app is incredibly flexible, and in the recruitment sector we’ve already launched a ground-breaking voice tech solution for the Royal Navy.

Full production services

Film & Photography

Whether it’s film, stills, location, studio, or CGI, we handle the entire process so you don’t have to. From concept and storyboarding, through to pre-production, crew selection, and direction/art direction to all aspects of post-production, we love getting into the detail!

Full site development

Web Design & Build

We’ve been building websites for some of the world’s most famous brands for over two decades. In that time, we have gained in experience and speed and have built up an incredible knowledge bank of creating product, brochure or retail sites. We use that same technology and skill set to create asset databases, parent portals for schools and even a digital guest book system for hotels.

Digital, OOH, Press


We’ve kept ahead of the many changes to the advertising industry over our twenty-five years, whether that’s changes in OOH to intelligent/smart TVs or the many and complex types of digital advertising. We love to create a core idea that delivers on consumer insights and gives stand out to our client's, brand, service, or products.

Launches, brand, retail

Press & PR

From launching products, to reputation management to promoting new services, we have a passion for working with you to create memorable PR that delivers. Not only are we experienced in the impactful front end, but we provide in-depth daily PR support for some of the world’s finest brands.

Internal, retail, launches


We love bringing a product or brand to life. To take the offer or service directly to the end user, whether it’s an internal communications event, a product launch, or a celebration. There’s nothing quite like a live event to deliver a genuine instant reaction or to motivate a team or a target audience.

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