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Integrated Marketing and website

Motorcycle riders fall in love with their bikes, especially their early ones. Sadly time passes and they buy something newer and they move on. But what if they could rekindle the relationship and bring the old bike back to life?



Integrated Marketing and website

The Brief

Suzuki know that riders love their bikes, especially the classics like the GT750 and the X7. But over the years parts had gone out of production and these classic motorcycles were becoming harder to find parts for. So with the right marketing could they sell these new 'old' parts alongside the cutting edge 21st century parts? Could they create a campaign that would talk to the owners of these old bikes and get them back on the road?

The Actions

We worked with Suzuki to create an identity, 'Suzuki Vintage Parts', that became the launch point from which we introduced a palette of graphic elements that would tell the story to the consumer and in doing so communicated that Suzuki was a manufacturer that loved it's old bikes as much as the owners do. This identity has grown to be used not merely on the website, where the parts are ordered, but across dealerships, eBay, national shows and in specialist publications.

What Happened

Suzuki Vintage Parts is now seen as the most recognised of manufacturer schemes. In terms of pure business it has out performed expectations and they intend to grow what is already a highly successful venture.