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Suzuki MotoGP break bumpers

To extend the Suzuki 'we get it' brand positioning into broadcast media we created bumper breaks that surrounded BTSports MotoGP coverage.


Suzuki Motorcycles GB

Suzuki MotoGP break bumpers

The Brief

Building on our 2016 concept work for Suzuki’s sponsorship of BT Sport’s coverage of the MotoGP series, 2017 saw us art directing and creating four brand new ad bumpers in three different time lengths and all within Suzuki’s insightful ‘We get it’ strategic framework.


The Actions

And at the centre of each ad was a great product and a powerful idea: Suzuki riders see life differently. When others see rain and an umbrella, Suzuki riders see grid girls and sunshine. Where others see traffic lights, Suzuki riders see the start of a new adventure.

What Happened

The first years bumpers, were so successful that we filmed another four to continue the story for the second year!