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Integrated marketing and PR campaigns

The Marine and ATV operations are highly driven arms of Suzuki GB PLC, they are dedicated to growth in market share and to being the best in their sectors.



Integrated marketing and PR campaigns

The Brief

The ATV and marine markets have become ever more crowded, with new entrants joining every year. While Suzuki products are undeniably superior, the intrinsic benefits of the brand needed to be clearly positioned over the sometimes lower priced competition.

The Actions

We researched the brand and the target audiences and discovered they had something in common, passion. With the customer it was the lifestyle or the job and with Suzuki it was their passion to design and build the best products possible for the consumer. This was something they shared 24 hours a day, this campaign picks out those moments when Suzuki can help you in your 'Way of Life'

What Happened

This campaign has extended into POS and online and saw Suzuki launch their first digital re-marketing campaign.