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Suzuki breakfast viral ad

After establishing a brand new communications strategy for Suzuki Motorcycles, we took that message to Facebook and these are the results of our second film 'breakfast'



Suzuki breakfast viral ad

The Brief

Social media is hugely powerful, so when it came to communicating Suzuki’s differentiating ‘We get it’ strategy, we knew that if it were used properly, it could have a real impact. After the success of the first film 'tunnel' with 350,000 views in two weeks, we had a lot to prove.

The Actions

'Breakfast' draws on the insight that a Suzuki rider will get on their bike and enjoy every minute of it, even if they were meant to be doing something else. Filmed in a day on a minimal budget 'breakfast' used staff and friends to deliver the story.

What Happened

With a sense of humour and truth 'breakfast', like 'tunnel' delivered over 350,000 views, 5000 likes and was shared thousands of times in just two weeks.