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Suzuki ATV integrated campaign

Suzuki wanted to position itself as more than just a manufacturer of great ATVs. Our task was to discover what they could say and then communicate it.



Suzuki ATV integrated campaign

The Brief

The work we were to create had to run across all materials, from POS to digital, from small ATVs to large, from dealer ads to national campaigns.

The Actions

Our conclusion was that Suzuki's power is in more than just its great ATVs. Our insight was that like their motorcycle cousins, Suzuki and their ATV customers, shared a 'way of life'. For manufacturer, dealer and user, what they did day-in day-out was more than just a job. Our positioning was that they were 'on common ground'. And given that shared mindset, we decided that each ad. each brochure could come from a real Suzuki person, it was in fact a conversion.

What Happened

The work has now spread across the web, through digital marketing and into print. It's even gone beyond the UK, as the brochure is now the benchmark for all Pan European Suzuki ATV brochures.