Lead Forensics

Branding, PR and integrated communications

The deckchair holds a firm place in our hearts, it speaks of summer, of relaxation and being British, in short it's a design icon and a national treasure.


Southsea Deckchairs

Branding, PR and integrated communications

The Brief

World-leading manufacturer and supplier of deckchairs, Southsea Deckchairs, is a contemporary and driven company. It was our task to create a whole new corporate identity and communications suite that would take them even further into the future.


The Actions

With hand-cut fonts, local visual landmark clues, a bespoke colour palette and a sense of quirkiness of design, we've created an identity for Southsea Deckchairs that can be used across the entire gambit of materials.

What Happened

The company has gone from strength to strength, with partnerships with Liberty's and Fred Perry taking them to new heights.