Lead Forensics

Event branding and management

The South Coast Proms is an event that was created to showcase the talents of the Royal Marines Band Service and raise funds for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.


Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

Event branding and management

The Brief

The South Coast Proms had already been staged in previous years, but now the Royal Marines wanted to really establish it in its homeland along the south coast. They invited agencies to pitch to create a campaign and product brand that could last and make these 'people's proms' instantly recognisable.

The Actions

Our solution was to create an icon based on the classic silhouette of a Royal Marines Bandsman. This outline, when teamed with the equally iconic union flag, was used across all materials instantly giving the event an identity that is known and recognised amongst the target audience.

What Happened

Because the identity became so iconic, it survived beyond our contracted period and even with the re-pitch, it still is the core element of the South Coast Proms identity.