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Submariner recruitment campaign

For years, the question “Who wants to be a submariner?” was met with a deafening silence. With most people’s perceptions based on black-and-white war films, it was hardly surprising that few considered it an enticing career.


Royal Navy

Submariner recruitment campaign

The Brief

Our task was to bridge the gap between the perception and the reality of the life, pay, status and conditions of the modern submariner. The truth is that life as a Royal Navy Submariner on a ‘hunter-killer’ submarine was actually very different. It’s one of the most exciting, and well paid jobs in the Royal Navy. The take-out? “This is a career that I can’t afford to dismiss".


The Actions

Using insights from consumer research we created a campaign where even the delivery device was as interesting as the message, using lenticular posters targeted around the Royal Navy's submarine bases.

What Happened

Both of the initial campaigns filled the recruitment pipeline to overflowing. The latter lenticular outdoor campaign, featuring CGI imagery throughout, has produced equally impressive results and has since been extended online to Facebook and other social media. It also won an industry award for the best lenticular campaign.