Lead Forensics

National recruitment campaign and website

Britain's Naval Service is made up of sea, land and air forces, who each need the highest quality of people to defend the nation's interests around the world.


Royal Navy

National recruitment campaign and website

The Brief

The brief was to provide advertising idea that could not just be used nationally, but regionally and locally. It had to have cut-through, be unique and use the real people and assets of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. And we were challenged to find a positive point of difference from normal everyday jobs.

The Actions

We created a campaign that put the jobs of the Royal Navy head-to-head with their civilian counterparts. It aimed to show that every day in the Royal Navy was not everyday at all. These are jobs where you can make a real difference, jobs full of potential, not full of regret. 

What Happened

The Times Top 100 recruitment awards are the benchmark for the jobs industry. They put the ads for the best companies in front of real candidates. In the last 4 years we've taken home the best ad award 3 times.