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Britain's Naval Service is made up of sea, land and airforces, each needs the highest quality of people to defend the nation's interests around the world.


Royal Navy

Careers publications

The Brief

Britain’s Royal Navy is constantly changing, and so is the recruitment process that’s central to its success. Our challenge was to create a suite of materials that reflect todays Naval Service and the huge variety of job opportunities that lie within it. 

The Actions

We created a new set of recruitment materials, from press ads to careers publications (CPs), to communicate the wealth of career opportunities available to potential sailors, Royal Marines, bandsmen, reservists and RFA personnel. Our designers travelled the world to get to understand the roles and what it takes to serve for your country.

What Happened

The materials have won three Times Top 100 recruitment awards and created industry firsts. They’ve also been successful in helping to not just recruit people, but more importantly, the right people!