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With over 20,000 members across 370 branches in the UK and overseas, The Royal Naval Association (RNA) are a family of current and former Naval Service personnel, relatives and supporters of our country's Royal Navy.


Royal Naval Association

Branding, integrated marketing and website

The Brief

The Royal Naval Association (RNA), given it's age profile, was facing declining membership. So they came to us to attract the younger generation of the nation's Royal Navy sailors. 

The Actions

Our research with members and potential members was a real eye opener, this was a beloved organisation. But amongst the younger audience there was a perception that it wasn't for them, until of course it was explained what it offered and then the lights went on! We created a set of guidelines so that the many arms of the RNA all spoke with the same, and at that point hidden positive voice. Additionally we've put in place joining and assistance campaigns to help spread the word, to serving naval personnel.

What Happened

The decline in membership has been arrested, it's no longer on a downward curve. The RNA is now seen as a forward thinking relevant organisation, so much so that it's now seen as the go-to organisation for all ex-Royal Navy sailors and as the new benchmark in its sector.