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Recruiting the very best - indisputable results

The Royal Navy is the maritime contingent of Britain’s defence forces. During the 15 years we’ve worked with the Royal Navy, we’ve prided ourselves on keeping them at the cutting edge of marketing, whether this be through a unique submariner campaign using lenticular technology, or four consecutive years of award-winning recruitment ads.


Royal Navy

Recruiting the very best - indisputable results

The Brief

The aim was to keep the Royal Navy ahead of the curve in recruitment marketing, while putting a particular focus on recruiting strong talent for officer candidates. Now more than ever, recruitment marketing must be brought to the candidates, rather than being something they need to seek out. For this reason, the campaign was accessible, simple but effective, and able to provide valuable, relevant information that’s unique to each individual candidate.

The Actions

Looking for new ways for candidates to access key information with less effort, we came up with a unique idea: what if we could bring this information into the homes of the applicants, without them even turning on the TV or taking out their phone? We used Alexa technology to create a system where potential candidates can ask direct questions to their Alexa and be provided with accurate answers in a campaign unlike anything done in recruitment marketing before.

In its history, the Royal Navy has had many firsts and for recruitment this and the app was another.

What Happened

Using Alexa technology to create a hands-free recruitment campaign kept the Royal Navy leading the way in recruitment marketing and ensured wide reach to attract strong talent.