Lead Forensics

Prospectus, collateral and website

This highly academic sixth form college was at a turning point, it needed to recruit more students and in doing so decided its visual identity didn't reflect its core truths.


Havant Sixth Form College

Prospectus, collateral and website

The Brief

Havant Sixth Form College had been promoting itself in the same way for some years, now with ever more positive Ofsted reports, they came to us for a total review of their branding and marketing.

The Actions

As with any branding project we undertake, our first job was to talk to the stakeholders and in this instance that included students, staff and governors. We identified through this research that there was a highly academic college with a student body that really wanted to do well, so we created collateral, a website and branding that clearly reflected the simple truth, work hard here and you will succeed.

What Happened

Since the new identity and materials were put in place, the number of applications has continued to rise year on year.

Aspire, Achieve and Enjoy