PR imagery & Global product launch support

Wraith, the most powerful Rolls-Royce motor car ever built. A luxury sporting coupé like no other, before launch it was the manufacturer's biggest secret, a story waiting to be told around the world!


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

PR imagery & Global product launch support

The Brief

There were two briefs that we had to meet. Firstly to reveal the car months in advance of its public launch to the UK's journalists and secondly create one single image that would tease the car to the world and generate excitement to all audiences ahead of its global launch in Geneva.

The Actions

We took over a venue near Goodwood, The Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and turned it into completely enclosed auditorium. The journalists had no idea what to expect, but this intimate event put them not just next to the new car, but also the people who designed and built it. For the global tease, we created a unique Spirit of Ecstasy that captured the brooding nature of the new Wraith, within hours this was flashed around the world.

What Happened

Coverage of Wraith in UK publications was second to none and each story clearly positioned the car within the Rolls-Royce range, As for the teaser, it's fair to say that there was hardly an automotive magazine, website or blog in the world that didn't carry the image and the Wraith story.