Lead Forensics

Photography and video

Born out of a real understanding of what the right imagery can bring to a message, be that PR or advertising, we began to source and supply stills and video not just for our own use, but for all of our clients. Now we create PR imagery for brands like Rolls-Royce and ad images for global brands like Suzuki.


MindWorks Marketing

Photography and video

The Brief

Every single day we have photographers/video crews covering PR stories and creating ad images/films for our clients. Our clients need the best imagery and they on occasion need it fast. Be that an original or a retouch of something existing we know the power of the right image.

The Actions

Once we've created the imagery it can be distributed in the traditional fashion or on a bespoke Microsite, created with our MindType 7 CMS system. This was recently used to supply all the materials for the launch of the mew Rolls-Royce Dawn, the launch of which was streamed live to 3,600 journalists around the world, through the microsite. So it's not just the creation of the imagery we care about, it's also its delivery, because without that, it's worthless

What Happened

Working with a broad list of photographers we can supply the right style and on the right budget. We work with them all to deliver the best image for the job. Be that PR/marketing/social media, stills or video. Our creatives work closely with them either in the planning stage or if it's an ad, art directing the shoot.