National attraction launch

HMS Alliance is our last remaining full size WW2 submarine, now the time had come to relaunch her as the museum's star attraction.


National Museum of the Royal Navy

National attraction launch

The Brief

Over the years HMS Alliance had lost her shine and dropped behind the curve as a leading national attraction at the Royal Navy's Submarine Museum. Now with the help of the National lottery and a quite amazing band of volunteers, she was once again due to surface as the museum's star attraction. Our brief was to get the message out there!

The Actions

We quickly discovered that with the new audio visual systems that the new museum had put in place that the visitor would experience HMS Alliance much as she was at the height of the cold war. With that in mind and given her scale, we knew that outdoor advertising was one of the few ways to show what a stunning and huge exhibit she is. Our designers completed that final task and visualised her at full speed under threatening skies in the dark cold waters of the Atlantic. We also included her in the new TV ad for the affiliated Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth.

What Happened

The imagery we created has been used extensively and the core thought 'share the secret' has been carried across a wide range of materials. And we understand that attendance at the museum is significantly up!