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MindWorks Creates Royal Navy Recruitment App

Delivering results for the Royal Navy is something we’ve always prided ourselves on. Whether that’s a handful of awards or a strong supply of potential submariners, we have broken boundaries for them. The latest is the first Royal Navy recruitment app.


Royal Navy

MindWorks Creates Royal Navy Recruitment App

The Brief

We’ve worked closely with the Royal Navy’s recruitment team for many years. Now with digital at our core, it was only natural that we’d look into that world to take the RN’s message ever wider and with something unique. It was this realisation that launched the Royal Navy’s first recruitment app.

The Actions

Using our long-established digital skills, our creative and account handling teams designed an app that when built (in-house), works as a multiple choice quiz, exercising the mind and educating the recruits on the ways of the Royal Navy.

What Happened

Take up of the app is ahead of expectations and we’re already exploring new ways to expand the theory and code into other environments.