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Mary Rose Museum Relaunch

Following our successful reveal 3 years ago of The Mary Rose Museum, a £5.4m revamp had seen it transformed; its interior walls replaced by nine floor-to-ceiling glass-panelled galleries, giving visitors stunning panoramic views of Henry VIII’s flagship. Now was the time to reveal it to the world.


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Mary Rose Museum Relaunch

The Brief

The whole world was waiting for the moment that Henry VIII’s favourite warship, The Mary Rose, would come to life in a way not seen since it sank in battle nearly 500 years ago. The event needed to be dramatic. But it also had to pay tribute to the lives of its crew and to the epic efforts of the many people who had worked towards making this dream a reality over decades.

The Actions

Our concept, ‘Masterpiece Revealed’, was designed to create maximum intrigue and to link with our reveal (watched by 1 billion people) in 2013 of the ship’s home, The Mary Rose Museum, when a giant Tudor flag draped its exterior façade. For this event, working with a specialist stagecraft company, a Kabuki drop of a 41m wide x 15m high Tudor standard fell away to reveal the ship for the first time. A promotional campaign was seen on the London underground in 48 sheets, on outdoor across the south east and an online campaign. 

What Happened

Helen Bonser-Wilton, Chief Executive, Mary Rose Trust: “We are delighted to confirm that the resulting media coverage has not just matched the scale of the 2013 coverage, but has exceeded it by 50% at 1.5 billion reach to date.

Jane Hodgkins, Head of Marketing and Communications, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: “What a fantastic event and thank you so much for making it all happen. From the creative planning to the execution of the event, it has been fantastic.”