Lead Forensics

PR & National attraction launch

The Mary Rose was Henry VIII's flagship and since it was raised from the Solent it had been displayed for 30 years in a temporary structure separated from the treasures and stories it contained. Now was the time to relaunch her.


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

PR & National attraction launch

The Brief

The brief was not merely to reveal the new museum and its contents to the UK audience through advertising, but also to launch the museum on the day, in a way that would prove memorable not merely to those attending the event, but interesting enough to TV and news channels to be broadcast around the world, to a global audience.

The Actions

We decided that this wasn’t about the dust of history, what it’s about is the coming together of the whole story in one of the most contemporary museums in the world. This was an event of international importance. In that light, each and every aspect from the launch event itself, through TV, print to online, shows the iconic museum building and all that it contains being revealed from under Henry VIIIs Royal Standard. 


What Happened

It's estimated that the launch event was seen by nearly 1 billion people across the planet and that the year-on-year footfall at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard rose by over 100% in the months during the launch phase