Lead Forensics

Marketing a timeless venue - noticeable results

Established in 1850 as a ‘home from home’ for mariners and sailors between ships, the Royal Maritime Hotel and Club is a historic and much-loved Naval establishment with aspirations to expand the age range of their customer base.


The Royal Maritime Hotel & Club

Marketing a timeless venue - noticeable results

The Brief

The aim was the attract a younger and more diverse audience to the hotel and club by developing branding that was more contemporary. We appreciated the importance of retaining the rich and important history of the hotel while doing this and knew it must be both fresh and true to the hotel’s core identity.

The Actions

We kicked off with workshops to discover their brand essence, learn their values, and delve deep into their history. This meant we could focus on a style that felt authentic to the history of the brand while stepping into the modern day. From this, we designed a completely new visual identity, including logo development, digital and print collateral, and a refresh of photographic images.

What Happened

The Royal Maritime Hotel and Club were so happy with the branding and service we provided that implementing the branding across the hotel and club has turned into a long-term project, now including a refresh of their entire physical structure.