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Launching the new Suzuki KATANA

MindWorks was briefed to assist with the launch of the new Katana motorcycle to the Suzuki dealer network. This resulted in a hugely successful launch campaign and launch events for the dealer network, helping to position the Katana as the iconic bike that it is.


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Launching the new Suzuki KATANA

The Brief

Our brief was to launch the new Katana motorcycle to the Suzuki dealer network. The issues were that materials were coming from across the globe and need to be easy for the dealer to consume and implement to make the launch a success not just for the dealers, but for their customers to

The Actions

Our first task was to create a look and feel for all the all the launch materials that integrated with the global launch theme. Or solution was pragmatic but also inspiring for the network. We created one simple pack that could contain any materials the dealers needed. From the events calender, all the marketing materials, product brochure afters-sales and accessories information right up to the finance package. Time was of the essence, so every department within the agency was engaged to assemble the pack a, quality check it and get it despatched well in advance of the launch date. And at the same time we helped create the launch event itself.

What Happened

Every dealer received their pack on time and with every single aspect attached. This enabled the dealers and Suzuki to not merely promote the sales of the new machine, but to position it as the icon it truly is.