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Integrated marketing campaign

Carrying over 3 million passengers each year, Gosport ferry wanted to reinforce and grow the traffic that provides a vital link across Portsmouth Harbour.


Gosport Ferry

Integrated marketing campaign

The Brief

Gosport Ferry approached MindWorks Marketing for an extra pair of hands at the beginning of 2015. We were hugely excited to be given an opportunity to provide marketing and design support for what we see as an important and historic local service such as Gosport Ferry. The overall objectives were to improve the company’s image, raise brand awareness, improve the passenger journey and ultimately increase passenger numbers and loyalty.

The Actions

The first step was some shiny new creative options for Gosport Ferry, which refreshed their current design and introduced the new strapline “Gotta love the Ferry”. We focused on the pain points for customers of the Ferry’s main competitor – the car! The messaging focused around fuel costs, traffic, parking and convenience/distance. We panned the campaign around which channels would most effectively reach our target audience; outdoor and digital. What better place to help people realise the benefit of the Ferry then when they are gridlocked in traffic!

What Happened

Our media was carefully chosen, this included a mixture of large format 48 sheet billboards and smaller adshels. We ran the digital activity along side this as part of this integrated campaign. The digital elements were also targeted to the Gosport area and utislied Google Display, Twitter and Facebook. The digital side proved to be a very cost effective and successful channel for the company, creating almost 400,000 impressions, over 7,000 engagements and over 220 more new Facebook/Twitter page ‘Likes’ and Followers’.