Inside Rolls-Royce PR Stunt

For the first time in its history Rolls-Royce has created an exhibition. Over a 3 day period, the public and journalists from around the world were invited to 'Inside Rolls-Royce' Our task was to create a stunt to promote it.



Inside Rolls-Royce PR Stunt

The Brief

With the 'Inside Rolls-Royce' exhibition just over the horizon, we were approached by Rolls-Royce to create a 'stunt' at London's prestigious Victoria to promote the event. With just a over 24 hours, to get-in, communicate the exhibition and get-out, time was tight!

The Actions

Taking our direction from the core graphics created for the exhibition we took a Rolls-Royce into the busy commuter environment. So at just before midnight the build began, with as much as possible pre-built, the stand had to meet Rolls-Royce's exacting standards. Carpenters, graphic artists, delivery drivers, photographers and security, all worked as one to deliver a location that would make the perfect environment where people could literally be 'inside Rolls-Royce'. 

What Happened

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