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Ford of Britain PR photography

Ford of Britain is a British wholly owned subsidiary of Ford of Europe, itself a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. It is the country's biggest selling car brand. We have been appointed to provide their PR Imagery.


Ford GB

Ford of Britain PR photography

The Brief

Ford of Britain held a competitive tender to supply all their PR imagery going forward. With our work for brands like Suzuki and Rolls-Royce we were lucky enough to be approached. 

The Actions

We have an array of photographers covering a large proportion of the country and their different skill sets from automotive to straight PR. Our other difference is the fact that we have a huge knowledge of locations, production and in house retouching. This meant we were appointed to handle all their PR imagery requirements going forward.

What Happened

So far we've covered events and product launches for models like the new right-hand-drive Mustang, the Focus RS and the Ranger 4x4. And when Ford won the What Car - Car of the Year award, they used our test shot of the Fiesta RS as their lead PR image!