Lead Forensics

Filming automotive legends

As part of our work for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, we've created the B-Roll and stills imagery for the Ghost Series II launch and B-Roll for the entire 2015 model line-up.


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Filming automotive legends

The Brief

We were asked to create film and video assets for journalists that could be used as B-Roll. The should should have locations suitable for all models and be capable of being used by filmmakers and journalists alike.

The Actions

We planned a shoot in that we felt would make the most efficient use of the vehicles and crew and then transited to Barcelona, Spain. In 5 long days we filmed not only dynamic tracking shots, but also static interiors and exteriors for Phantom (all models) and Wraith.


What Happened

The footage was uploaded to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars press portal and has since been used around the world to tell the Rolls-Royce product story.