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Enterprise-level website and CRM system

The Royal Marines Association (RMA) manages 80 regional branches and 12,500 people with just a core staff of eight. Our task was to build them a website that made that job easier every single day. “A very close partnership with MindWorks has delivered a step-change in organisational capability. Automating our processes has allowed our staff to focus on delivering core support and services to our members and those in need.” - Mike Ellis, CEO, Royal Marines Association


Royal Marines Association

Enterprise-level website and CRM system

The Brief

When the RMA began their journey with us, their brief was clear: help us to become the 'instinctive first place for Royal Marines to turn to, wherever they are in the world and in life', and, help us to re-allocate precious staff resource by automating routine, manual, back-office processes.

The Actions

As part of the solution, we scoped, designed and built a device-responsive enterprise-level website.

We already had our own top of the line Content Management System 'Mindtype 7', so we set about creating bespoke elements that would deliver the results the RMA needed.


What Happened

In a year: 15,000 membership welcome and renewal packs generated; 9,000+ event ticket combinations fulfilled; 90% of new members joined via the website; 2 months of Central Office time freed up to focus on wider membership needs and services and 122 welfare requests were made online providing an additional layer of support to members seeking help at a time that suits them - even if that meant at 1am on a weekend!