Lead Forensics

Dumpster Design website

Artist, Designer, Art Director. Dumpster Design is one person with many faces. The site we designed had to reflect that and have a level of originality that came straight from the brand. The site has so many unique features, it’s difficult to know where to start. So the animated smoke is as good as any, then we can move onto the angled image boxes – something so rarely seen on a website. Then there’s the total integration of all the social media on the homepage, including a live Instagram feed with images.


Daisy Harris-Burland

Dumpster Design website

The Brief

Our task, and it was a tough one, was to somehow communicate all the facets of the Dumpster brand in one website!

The Actions

Research to us is all important and helps us gain genuine insights into the people behind the brand and the brand itself. Only in this way can we present the true face of the brands we represent and promote.

What Happened

The client was delighted by a site that is fully responsive and in their eyes is something like a mirror on their soul. This is a site that is as varied as the brand itself.