Lead Forensics

Clear ideas - proven results

Paqua, formerly known as Portsmouth Aqua, are a water purification company. After successfully creating a water purification system which is sustainable, low-power and has low harsh chemical use, they recognised their potential to be leaders in the water purification market and wanted to ensure that they were standing out from their parent company as a brand in their own right.



Clear ideas - proven results

The Brief

Portsmouth Aqua requested a complete rebrand, with a focus on creating distance between themselves and their parent company. They wanted a brand name and strapline that better represented the global potential of their product, as well as new brand values, a visual identity and an online presence to go with it.

The Actions

We worked closely with Portsmouth Aqua to understand their product and their values. We also conducted research and set up social listening to determine their target audience. Using all of this, we came up with Paqua, a name that retains the Portsmouth roots of the brand while driving the global relevance of the product. We also created a new logo, strapline and brand guidelines, and used these to build a new website and establish Paqua on social media.

What Happened

Within the first month of the rebranding launch, Paqua experienced a 5000% increase in audience growth on Facebook and a 66% increase in engagement on LinkedIn. They also saw the overall average engagement time on their website increase by 42% in the first month, and new website users increase by 35% in the second month. Paqua have now attended their first trade show as their new brand, with excellent reception.