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Beverage packaging campaign for a global audience

As consumers become aware of the long-term effects that their discarded packaging has on the environment, the Sustainability Committee of the World Steel Association, launch a global beverage can campaign promoting steel as the packaging material of choice.


World Steel Association

Beverage packaging campaign for a global audience

The Brief

To get consumers and the beverage-packaging industry to take another look at steel and its benefits, and to reconsider options when buying or producing beverages.

The Actions

Leading on steel’s infinite recyclability and low CO2 emissions over its life-cycle, we developed and consumer-tested a campaign asking people to ‘vote with their mouth and choose steel cans’. Through the animated microsite, poll and video, we gave consumers the resources and content to learn more and share their support. To help them spot a steel can on the supermarket shelf, we also designed a new icon for beverage brands, can makers and packaging designers to place on the back of drinks cans. 

What Happened

The steel beverage sector is now leading a global recycling revolution. The campaign toolkit has been made available to all worldsteel members to use in their countries and respective steel markets. Consumers are also being reminded of the benefits of steel and are rethinking their purchasing decisions: “I hadn’t immediately thought of steel as recyclable, but obviously it is. I would choose this over plastic” and “I will for sure, start checking the side of cans, looking for magnets.”