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Complete marketing support and website

The Belfry Shopping Centre, Redhill, is a gem of a venue. Its spacious and airy shopping environment houses over 50 high street names under one roof.


Belfry Shopping Centre

Complete marketing support and website

The Brief

We work hand-in-hand with the Belfry's Centre Management to promote the venue and the retailers within it. No matter how good the centre, the retail business is now a more competitive market than ever. They needed a strategy, a mechanism and creative delivery that gave them a real edge in the local and surrounding market. 

The Actions

Our first action was to provide focus to all the communications, whether, that's web, outdoor, advertising or events. That way every single pixel and pound is aimed at delivering footfall. We’ve created a website that is not only directly linked to the quarterly marketing campaigns for the Centre. We also took the opportunity to create a style that is unlike other shopping centres. 

What Happened

The UK has seen arguably the great recession of the last 100 years and the retail sector has been hit hard, we're proud to say that through it all because of the team effort with centre management, that they have never dropped below the industry benchmark for success, not once.