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Augmented app - powerful results

SubSea Craft is a British privately owned Advanced Maritime Technology company specialising in covert operations within the defence market. Prior to approaching us, SubSea Craft had just finished the design of their core product, a unique high- speed craft that can travel both on and under the water.


SubSea Craft

Augmented app - powerful results

The Brief

SubSea Craft had a name, logo and product, but wanted to establish themselves as a brand in order to bring their company to the next level. In order to achieve this, they asked us to lead the creation of their brand identity, corporate identity and product name and to assist the launch of their product at a prominent industry show.

The Actions

Using research and their existing brand as a starting point, we came up with the name of their £11m craft, VICTA, and created physical and digital collateral to use both at the DSEI show and afterwards. SubSea Craft were not able to display the actual VICTA craft at the show. This presented a problem: how do we launch a product that isn’t there, in a 15-metre space that was booked assuming it would be? Our solution was to create an interactive app that allowed users to explore the craft using augmented reality.

What Happened

The launch drove the largest peak in traffic to the website to date, at 850 page views in just one day. Within the first month following the launch, that figure climbed to 7,772 page views and remained high for the six months, with 4,749 organic search sessions performed. SubSea Craft currently have 40 craft on the order book and counting, and are established as world leaders within the industry.