2015 National Museum of the Royal Navy campaign

The National Museum of the Royal Navy is the world's leading maritime museum. Following our work launching the world-class Mary Rose Museum, we were appointed by this prestigious body, to market not just Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the Submarine museum, but also the amazing Fleet Air Arm Museum.


National Museum of the Royal Navy

2015 National Museum of the Royal Navy campaign

The Brief

There are no fakes within the National Museum of the Royal Navy, no fibre glass replicas, each and every massive exhibit, be it ship, submarine or aircraft was there. In conflicts, in historic moments and in life changing scenarios. Our challenge was to convey that message alongside the incredible number of attractions available to see in single day out, across, press, outdoor, digital and leaflets. 

The Actions

We created the line 'they were in the thick of it. get to the heart of it'. An invitation to see, touch, explore and sense these amazing exhibits and find out so much more about the story' they tell. We put submarines back on the surface, ships, back in the sea and planes that hadn't flown for a generation back in the air using a mix of retouching and CGi

What Happened

Recent results for the Easter campaign, have seen a rise in awareness across all media and importantly a rise in footfall and ticket sales.