PR & Event management

The 20-Ghost Club is a group of owners dedicated to the preservation of pre-1940 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. In 2013 we helped them recreate the 1913 Alpine Trial.


20-Ghost Club

PR & Event management

The Brief

Their challenge to us was to create an event that faithfully re-enacted and celebrated the seminal 1913 Alpine Trial, a test of endurance that saw the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost cement its reputation for faultless reliability – establishing the legend of the ‘Best Car in the World’


The Actions

With endless research, long and repeated drives of the 1,800m course, extensive liaison with hotels, governments, royalty, police, owners and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, we helped create an event that truly did justice to the spirit of the original event. 


What Happened

“The 2013 Centenary Alpine Trial has clearly embraced the Spirit of Adventure that is synonymous with Rolls-Royce” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. And the event has won the International Historic Motoring awards, event of the year.