Lead Forensics

July 2019

Why UX is SEO's best friend

Search is becoming more user-focused. Having a good user interface and user experience is important for search rankings and getting people to stay on your site. Reaching the top spot in the SERP is not the main challenge, maintaining it is.

You must meet user needs:

  • Quality experience
  • Clearly marked links
  • Minimal pop-ups
  • Useful/relevant information
  • Trustworthy
  • Accessible

But also what a user wants:

  • Speed – no slow loading times
  • Relevancy – must meet the intent of the user, and match the search query
  • Device optimisation

The list continues, but the great news is that we can easily take those concerns away! All our websites are powered by our own CMS, MindType, and no matter the size or type of website we build, they are all scoped, designed and built with UX and SEO in mind.