Lead Forensics

August 2021

What’s it like to work as an Account Executive at MindWorks?

A typical day can be summed up like this. There isn’t one! That’s one of the joys of working in marketing – but we thought we’d give you a bit of a steer anyway if you’re checking out our vacancies and have never worked at an agency before.

Here are some of our most popular FAQs. If you’ve got more questions you’d like answered, let us know – we’d love to hear from you.

What does my job role mean?

Our reputation for being an exciting, innovative company to work for means that from day one you’ll probably be getting stuck into loads of stuff – from writing and proofing, to social media, campaign strategy planning and client comms. We want you to enjoy the challenge of using all your talents, get a good idea of what your working life is like here and have fun at the same time.

Will I only work with one team on a set number of projects?

Working on different tasks with different people on multiple projects is a great way to help you build more relationships and ultimately help us be more successful. It gives you the chance to use loads of different skills and explore the aspects that you most enjoy. So while you’re collaborating with the rest of your team on, say, an international car launch or an entertainment event for a retail brand, you might also like to help brainstorm on another team’s food and drink campaign strategy. Up to you!

Will I get a say in campaigns?

Your lightbulb moments and new ideas are gold dust to us! Even though you might have just started, your fresh pair of eyes can be just what’s needed to ignite a campaign and help get the message across to the client’s target audience. Don’t be shy about asking questions during a briefing, brainstorming or client meeting – we all love being asked!

You’re employee owned – what does that mean?

Like John Lewis, everyone here is a partner with a key stake in our company and we all benefit collectively from our success. With remote working and flexibility playing an increasingly important role, we make sure that our working model and workspace supports a healthy life balance too.

Will I get training opportunities?

Once you get a handle on what your work here entails, gain an understanding of everyone’s role and what we all do for our myriad range of clients, you might find that you want to take up training to progress your current skillset. We’re always happy to encourage you to train in aspects that interests you and fit with the direction you want your career to go.

Will I get to meet clients?

You’ll always be introduced to the clients you’re working with. It’s great to build a relationship with them so that they easily contact you and trust your ability to be there when needed. Regular contact also means you get the chance to have more of an indepth understanding of the client, their industry and their goals.

What are the perks?

Firstly, you’ll be a business owner! As one of the owners of our EO company, that means you get to share directly in the company’s profits. Plus, our flexible home/office working makes sure everyone keeps a good work/life balance. What else? Great annual leave (with more hols the longer you are with us), lots of fun socials, excellent training opportunities, and finally, ðŸÂÂÂŽµoh, we do love to be beside the seaside, oh, we do love…If you’re keen to work by one of the world’s most beautiful shorelines and enjoy a stroll to lovely cafes and pubs with your new mates, we’ve got it all.

What are the downsides?

The fast pace of a career in marketing means there are always going to be times when there’s pressure – a tight turnaround deadline, a client with last-minute changes to a design, an idea that went down like a lead balloon. Setbacks happen to all of us and we’re all here to help each other stay positive so there’s always someone to talk it out with even if it’s just over a virtual cuppa. The thing to remember is that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! If you try something that didn’t work, shrug it off and come back stronger.

How important is the environment to you?

Our environmental goals reflect the growing urgency for businesses to create low-impact environments. As an employee owned business, we also acknowledge the environmental effect we can have on our local community, so we work with several local environmental groups, as well as participating in eco-initiatives with clients, such as coastal beach cleans. Greening our business also means we have incentive programmes and reward systems for colleagues undertaking environmental initiatives in the office and at home.

But I’d still like an idea of what my typical day as an Account Executive looks like.

OK, here goes…

  • Get yourself a tea/coffee/hot choc
  • Check emails and update your To Do list with any responses/actions
  • Internal campaign progress meeting with your team
  • Review designs for new website with one of our digital team before sending to client for feedback.
  • Start analysis report for client
  • Formulate an agenda for client meeting later on
  • Check emails
  • Get pulled into another team’s meeting on app ideas for new client
  • Lunch. Walk by the sea.
  • Team get-together for a pre-client meeting.
  • Client meeting.
  • Coffee/Tea/Ribena(?).
  • Check emails.
  • Start writing content for new client website.
  • Respond to urgent proofing request from colleague.
  • Post social media messaging for client.
  • Check emails.
  • Turn off your computer.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us or pop in. We’ve always got biscuits.