Lead Forensics

October 2012

We're proud to communicate <span class="nowrap">Rolls-Royce</span> Motor Cars' news

For over a year now we've been designing and creating a whole raft of internal communications for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. From 'Business Update' to special commemorative publications and the pillar at the heart of them all, 'The Marque'. We understand the importance of internal communications and the key role it plays in any business, whether it's events, or in this case in print and on-line.

Natalie Ewens of MindWorks says: "We love working on 'The Marque' and try and put ourselves not merely in the place of the brand, but importantly we continually ask ourselves, as a reader, what would we want to know?"

We believe that it's only through this approach, and working so closely with the client, that Rolls-Royce internal communications have scored so highly in research and proved so popular with the team at the Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Goodwood and beyond.