Lead Forensics

March 2021

This week marks a year of Covid – so what are the pandemic positives?

It’s been a year of trying to balance life, work, homeschooling and some bleak days for many of us, but there have also been magical moments worth celebrating. From fitness to baking, gardening and community spirit, the past few months have given us opportunities to make positive changes too. 

And that includes how we work here at MindWorks. As well as fast-forwarding our digital services and strategies to boost collaboration with each other and our clients, the pandemic has given us a chance to flex our workplace.

Taking a blended approach to work has meant finding creative ways to refresh our workspace and make it more relevant to the future of working from home, off-site and at the office. 

None of this could have been done without finding out what all of us are happy with. We set up a Return to Office Group to look at ways of shaping our future workspace. This included a ‘Future Office Prize Competition’, thought up by group member Emma Galvin. Everything was up for grabs, from simply changing the word ‘office’, to blue sky thinking on elements that would impact on how we work down the line. 

Says Emma, “With all the restrictions and change we have seen over the past year, it’s been really refreshing to work on something that will positively change the environment we’re all returning to. It was great to get the whole team involved and the entries received had some fantastic ideas which we will be incorporating over the coming weeks.”

Some of those great ideas being adopted include a new soft seating and coffee area complete with brand new coffee machine, by popular demand, as well as lots of wall art to highlight our clients’ work and showcase our own creative talents.