April 2018

MindWorks Management Changes

Today marks a significant milestone in our company's history as we announce the Managing Director handover from John Harris-Burland to Michelle Leggatt.

Our new Managing Director comments:

It is with a huge sense of pride that I am writing to you on my first day as Managing Director of MindWorks.

As a MindWorker of some 17 years, I have seen the company grow both in terms of headcount, from just three when I joined John HB and a select few back in 2001 to our fantastic team of 34 today. I have been honoured to recruit all of our staff over the years and feel a huge sense of personal satisfaction in the strong team of professional marketers and creatives that we now have.

Our services

As well as increasing in size tenfold during my time at MindWorks, we have also significantly grown in terms of the type of work that we offer with in-house experts in digital marketing, events, web development, brand strategy and PR as well as a skilled bank of dozens of trusted freelancers of international standing who augment our offer with quality photography, filming, drone work and CGI. This list is certainly not exhaustive but illustrates how flexible we are to our clients' needs, allowing us to be a truly integrated agency and provide you with a vast range of world-class services.

Your support is important to us

So, this brings me on to you, our fantastic clients and we are honoured to support every one of you. Every campaign that we craft for you is done with respect and a deep understanding of not just you but your end users. We trust you agree that we take time to get to know you and your clients and customers and take pride in working to the very highest level to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

John's role now

You may remember that in October last year John HB sold MindWorks to all of us to continue his legacy of some 20 years and to allow him to concentrate on the client-facing work that he most enjoys. As of today, John's role has changed to Chairman of the Board and Group Account Director which means that he will be involved with key strategic projects and consultancy across a range of clients going forward.

Huge debt of gratitude

As a company, we are very grateful to John and the wonderful opportunity that he has given us all now that we are employee owned. For me, personally, it is a great privilege to be at the helm of the good ship MindWorks on the next stage of her journey and I would like to thank John publicly for this exciting challenge as we head into the start of our third decade.

MindWorks' Customer Charter

Some of you will know that we recently became a recommended agency on the Drum RAR register and have been very humbled by the excellent feedback that we have already received. As we go forward, I will be working to maintain the highest standards. To this end, we have produced the MindWorks' Customer Charter which clearly sets out what you can expect from us. Its aim, to create the very highest standard levels of operation that you can rely on. 

We have lots of interesting projects coming up in the very near future and will be sharing these with you regularly so that you can see the breadth of work that we are privileged to have going through the agency at any one time.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and like John, I welcome your feedback – of any kind.

With very warm wishes,

Michelle Leggatt, Managing Director