July 2019

MindWorks launches new initiatives to mark Employee Ownership Day 2019

We marked Employee Ownership (EO) Day on Friday 28 June with the launch of two initiatives that will not only benefit the company, but will be used to help other EO businesses as well.  

Both are inspired by the inclusive ethos of employee ownership. The first initiative, created by the company’s innovative software development team, is ‘MindVault’, a fully-customisable intranet system for internal communications to provide a practical, secure and engaging space for sharing resources, software, documents, blogs and company news.

The second, was an idea put forward through the company’s suggestion scheme. ‘MindThanks’, the first idea to be put into practice, following approval by the Board, is a ‘colleague appreciation platform’. The concept is simple: to provide a way for everyone to express their thanks to individuals for going above and beyond for others using a simple digital interface which allows colleagues to give up to five credits per month. 

Both initiatives now form part of a growing package of innovative tools the company offers to help other employee owned businesses. The company currently helps with transition consultancy through marketing, strategy and implementation.

Says Michelle Leggatt, Managing Director, “Our motto is ‘Together, we make it happen’, and of course, the very nature of being employee owned is all about collaboration and letting people have a say in the company. MindVault embodies that spirit of co-operation and sharing, while MindThanks is one of the many ways we encourage colleagues to show their appreciation of one another in a fun way.”

Photo: Two launches in one day – MindWorks’ ‘MindThanks’ appreciation platform and a fleet of team-built boats sailed on Emsworth Mill Pond as part of EO Day celebrations (all materials recycled and retrieved following the activities) - winning team shown!

Catch our celebration here: