March 2019

MindWorks helps the environment one drink at a time

Emsworth-based MindWorks Marketing has joined the campaign run by local environmental group, The Final Straw Solent, to help the fight against single-use straws, plastic bags and plastic packaging.

Michelle Leggatt, Managing Director of the employee-owned agency, said, “We are thrilled to have joined in The Final Straw campaign, and are looking forward to taking part in this summer’s locally organised beach clean as well.

“As part of our company values, MindWorks pledges to exceed environmental legislation where possible and reviews its environmental policy annually. 

“As well as recycling all our paper and cardboard, we don’t use any single use plastics and provide jugs and glasses for water in the office. 

“We also provide steel refillable water bottles for colleagues to prevent the use of plastic bottles when they are out of the office or attending events. One of our clients is the World Steel Association and we are proud to promote the fact that steel is infinitely recyclable, with every recycled can saving raw materials, CO2 emissions, energy and water.”