Lead Forensics

July 2016

MindWorks help relaunch Mary Rose Museum

It seems like only yesterday that we were lucky enough to be involved with the launch of the most significant museum built this century. From TV, through the launch event itself to all the collateral, one single idea was at the heart of the campaign. http://www.mindworks.co.uk/our-work/mary-rose-event-integrated-advertising-tv-portsmouth-historic-dockyard/ Now the museum has been updated and the ship itself has ended its preservation cycle. So now it's time to re-launch this most amazing museum. Once again we returned to the image of the Royal Standard and the core thought of 'reveal', but now joined with an image of Henry VIII. This 're-launch' campaign has been seen on the London underground in 48 sheets, on outdoor across the southeast and in a massive amount of collateral. The original launch was seen by what's estimated to be a billion people worldwide, here's to taking that number even higher with phase 2!  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-36834420