April 2020

Keeping your brand at the forefront with MindWorks' Digital Services

In these uncertain times, it is essential that brands maintain effective and informative communication with both their staff and customers. At MindWorks, we have a proven record across a wide range of digital communications; whether that's video conferencing, virtual environments/products or social media. Here are just a few useful ways you can stay in touch with our help.


Staying in touch with your colleagues: MindVault

Remote working. Uncertainty. New advice daily. The importance of effective communication with your workforce has arguably never been so heightened. We can help you to communicate with your team using our bespoke internal comms platform, MindVault - an all encompassing, secure intranet for staff that incorporates FAQs, blogs, notices, important documentation, forms, policies and can link to other company services i.e. HR system, peer recognition, CRM system etc.


• Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets 
• Simple to upload and edit content in a timely manner 
• Downloadable as a web app 
• Use as part of your crisis management and for ongoing internal comms
• Allows employees to share experiences, expertise and learnings by writing their own blog entries
• Secure store for all of your company's important information, documents, templates, policies and processes, which can be easily accessed and downloaded
• Plus, bespoke modules can be incorporated to suit your requirements


Staying in touch with your customers: Virtual Events

With the lockdown now at its height, we provide virtual conference solutions to help you keep in touch with your staff, preview online product videos or even provide a complete virtual environment so that you can still get your product or venue/attraction offering across, ensuring that your business is at the front of your customer's minds.


Staying in touch with your customers: MindType

New Websites
Never has a digital presence been more vital. MindType has been designed to deliver an affordable website, fast. MindType is a CMS developed by our in-house team of expert software developers to offer an entry-level website, which can be maintained by you using a system built to be user friendly and intuitive.

• Automatic image resizing and database driven – only make updates once!
• Built with SEO capabilities incorporated
• Designed for the best UX, clear CTAs and a dynamic navigation
• One of the fastest, most adaptable, flexible and robust systems available
• Fully supported by our dedicated team of software engineers
• Meets military security standards for website hosting
• Upgrade to MindType Enterprise at any time for bespoke design or functionality requirements (animation, page layouts, eCommerce, integration with other systems, stock control, data analysis, documents storage, log-in areas, secure file-sharing etc)


Existing MindType Websites
Of course, many of you will already be using our MindType CMS for your websites. It's important that you're communicating important notices to your customers via your website. So, please talk to us if you need any messaging adding to your website, whether it's changes in the way you're operating or information about how you're handling the COVID-19 situation as a business.



Staying in touch with your customers: Social Media

It's important that you keep communicating with your online communities. You may be seeing an influx of customer service enquiries, your customers may be wondering if an event is going ahead or you may notice that your audiences are craving connection and a sense of community – if you're wondering how to approach your business' social media activity during this time, we can help. We will work closely with you to:

• Develop a strategy
• Review your planned content (and amend as required)
• Compile FAQs 
• Draft appropriate and engaging posts
• Plus, we can help with all your content generation, from producing graphics and articles, right through to filming product launches or pieces to camera from your company representatives.


Staying in touch with your customers: Email design and distribution

As we've already covered, it's vital that you keep communicating with your colleagues, customers and other key stakeholders. We can develop bespoke HTML emails and provide you with the email file for distributing through your CRM system or we can handle the whole process from the design through to the distribution and reporting of the email results.

So, at a time when you're further away from your clients and staff than you've ever been, we can bring you closer together.