Lead Forensics

October 2019

It’s not a secret. If you speak your customers’ language, conversion rates will improve!

If you’re an international or eCommerce brand, you’ll know that culturally adapted websites see improved engagement and conversion rates – simply because you’re talking their language and reducing the amount of cognitive effort required to navigate through your site.

This adaptation is called ‘localisation’ and it’s the latest feature to launch for our website content management system, MindType. 

Localisation is the process of improving an existing website to support your users’ local language and culture, which involves much more than the simple translation of text. The best part is that you don’t need to become a web programmer to make this happen (as we’ve done that part for you!). You simply determine how much of your site you want localised, add a country, enter the translations and the site does the rest. 

Among the technical detail that other programmers and search engines will appreciate, are the little touches that your customers will also appreciate, including language detection, currency and date formatting. 

Anything that can be done to reduce conversion barriers and to enhance the online experience for your customers will improve favourability of your brand, site and search engine ranking.

To get localisation for your site, contact your Account Handler or [email protected]