Lead Forensics

May 2021

Filming and Photography under COVID conditions

Keeping things moving

Exciting photography, videos and films for clients have always got our creative juices flowing here at MindWorks. But over the past 18 months, along with content, lighting, action, the biggest aspect for us has been the safety of our clients and production crews. 

Following guidance issued by the UK TV industry for managing the risk of COVID-19, MindWorks has produced its own clearly laid-out colour coded system for assessing risk in filming and photography. This makes it easy for clients to understand how the process will be carried out, and reassures everyone that we are taking the utmost care of their safety.

The system explains every aspect of the project, from least risk, such as accessing library or existing footage remotely, without crew or client contact, to avoiding any potential risk during filming or photography by maintaining social distancing and achieving a close-up feel through choosing an appropriate lens at location.

Different times, usual adaptability

This way of working has meant that we've been able to keep it 'business as (un)usual'. While the times are distinctly different, the nature of our work stays the same – the ability to adapt quickly to our clients' needs as they respond swiftly to shifting customer demand. 

Amidst the new realities of production, creative ideas that leverage our full range of capabilities, from filming to editing, have been providing some electrifying and moving (literally) work for clients, whether that's return to office videos or swapping crowd shots for rotated single shots edited inventively to show an entire team. 

It's been great to hear from clients how well the projects have delivered, and how easy we've been able to make the process under COVID-19 conditions. Our approach throughout the pandemic has been more collaborative than ever, exploring creative solutions and new ideas, combined with the latest technology and digital expertise to keep projects moving – whatever hurdles are put in our way.