Lead Forensics

March 2021

Fancy something quirky to capture your audience’s attention...?

Your logo gives you more mileage than any other marketing asset, so why not showcase it with a seasonal design this Easter? 

Holidays put people in a positive mood and customers appreciate brands going the extra mile to join in.

Putting rabbit ears on top of a logo at Easter is a default move for many company websites, but with a bit of genius composition from our creatives, we can pep up the usual images or animate them to stand out on your website, go viral on social media channels and boost customers' loyalty to your brand.

Key dates like Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's are great opportunities to connect with customers, but important industry events over the year can also be leveraged. We designed this eye-catching image for Suzuki's marine division to ramp up anticipation for their presence at the boat shows. Guinness has been synonymous with boat shows for many years (the Guinness bar is referred to as the 'dark corner'!), so this inventive twist instantly created a heads-up for the event.

We don't want to rabbit on, so just contact us if you are looking for some inspirational branding ideas this Easter or for upcoming events in your business calendar.