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mindtype7 the full story

MindType 7 (MT7) is our own content management system. It's been designed and developed in-house over a 10-year period and is used by brands like Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the Royal Navy and Suzuki. We believe it's one of the most adaptable, flexible and robust systems available. Each of our websites that uses MT7 are developed hand-in-hand with the client and always calls back to their brand and business strategy. Tested not just by the best security systems it's also been explored by the world's best ethical hackers. The latest iteration is brand new and includes image manipulation, enhanced security, usability, speed and as always expandability. MindType 7 is stronger, faster and easier and developed to work across the proliferation of desktop and mobile platforms available.


Online security has always been important to us, now MindType 7 has not only been through our own testing programmes and procedures, but this time we went one step further. Working with the world's top ethical hackers we've added our highest levels of security so far.

MindType 7, with its gate keeper facility, can allocate varying levels of access to system administrators as you wish. So, if they just need to be able to modify a news story, that's the access they'll get, it's as simple as using the mouse.


We believe the new MindType 7 is one of the fastest CMS systems available, not merely in the big things like page loading times, but in the small details, like database calls and resource loading. It's this attention to detail, by our dedicated development team that means all the little things add up to make a big difference.

It's hard to think that milliseconds count, but for a smooth user experience, those imperceptible gains in speed are all important. Because the editing interface of MindType 7 is so simple to use, you'll find that you're updating your site quicker than ever before.


To use a website, you shouldn't need a degree in HTML, it should be second nature. That's why using extensive client feedback and years of experience from 6 iterations of our content management system, we've built MindType 7 to be as intuitive to use as you could possibly wish for.

It's not just simple in terms of the simple cut and paste nature of the text editing, but also the ability to add case studies etc as you wish. And with it's simple user interface it's a pleasure to use every day.


It’s seems almost every day now that a new device of some kind is launched, whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a laptop or a traditional desktop PC. We’ve responded to this ever-changing world with our overall web design and MindType 7.

Our in-house designers work with our dedicated team of web developers, to deliver as good an experience on a phone as you’d expect on a much bigger screen. We continually invest in the latest hardware and simulation software to stay up to speed with the latest changes and devices.


We believe that the best website for any brand is a bespoke website. Each one is designed with your business needs, brand values and strategy in mind. We really get under the skin of your brand, talk to your customers and scope every single aspect of a site before we begin the design and build phase.  

It's not just the marketeers that we involve, but if stock control is a critical component, we'll talk to the warehouse and despatch staff, to ensure it also meets their needs. We have built bespoke websites for a wide variety of sector leaders and house-hold names.

Image manipulation

So often you want to use a certain image, but it's too dark, doesn't have enough contrast, maybe it doesn't have the saturation you're looking for or it's just the wrong size. Those image dilemmas are now gone, because we've built image manipulation into MindType 7, so if that image isn't quite right, with just a few clicks it can be.

Not only that, you can also now change the size and proportions with the new built-in cropping tool. If you think changing all these elements sounds scary, well that's fine, because the MindType 7 system keeps the unedited original on the system!