Successful Marketing for Employee Owned Businesses

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How MindWorks Marketing can help your business thrive

We can help with all aspects of marketing from strategy to PR and digital communications and we would love to work with your employee owned business. MindWorks is an employee owned business and can provide you with the strategy you need to take your business forward. 

• Established 22 years and 3 years employee owned

• Integrated marketing agency with in-house creative and web

• Huge passion and experience across all sectors

• Knowledge, skills, ideas and enthusiasm to help make it happen for you

• Continual improvement and quality culture

• Empathy for employee owned businesses

Resilient, innovative and productive – the employee owned story

We were delighted to present an online seminar at the Employee Ownership Association’s national conference, EO Boost. Our video showcased how companies in any sector can leverage the unique competitive advantages that being EO brings, from recruitment and retention of staff to financial resilience.  Feedback from the audience was unanimously positive, with 75% describing our contribution ‘excellent’ and further comments referring to it as ‘one of the stand-out sessions’ and ‘fantastic’.

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Brand Values, Visual Identity and Collateral

We work in partnership with you to discover the core truths and values that underpin your company and turn them into engaging communications with a strong visual identity.

• Strategy

• Brand and messaging

• Digital assets

• Visual identity

• Printed collateral


Sharing our experience with you from initial research to advice. As an employee owned business that has just experienced EOB, we are confident that there are learnings that we can share from our experiences that can guide you through the process from a communications and marketing perspective.

• Types of employee ownership

• Legalities and who to turn to

• Financial services advice

• Communications with key stakeholders

• Marketing your employee ownership status

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Key EO transition steps

Every transition is different. We will put a plan together for your business that will help you keep on top of all the communications and critical steps.

• Initial research

• Appointing professional services

• Joining professional bodies

• Board creation - Trustees

• Timing, plan and roll out of communications

Key stakeholder communications

We will define your key stakeholders in the employee ownership transition journey and plan straightforward and motivating communications to help explain the benefits of transition and what it means to them.

• Define key stakeholders

• Establish target audiences

• PR plan

• Communications plan

• Roll out to all stakeholders

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Employee engagement

To maximise and explain all the benefits of employee ownership, it is important to keep everyone informed and engaged before, during and after transition. We can help with ideas from company meeting agenda to employee opinion polls.

• Employee suggestion schemes

• Staff Representatives to the Board - elections

• Surveys and opinion polls

• EOA Day celebrations

• Giving everyone a voice

Our Digital Products

Communication with all stakeholders is more important now than ever before. Even more so for employee owned businesses. Our digital services are designed to provide your business with the tools to effectively and efficiently communicate with your customers and staff, with tools specifically designed for Employee Owned businesses to drive employee engagement.  


A website CMS developed by our in-house team of expert software developers to offer an entry level website at an affordable cost which can be maintained by you using a system built to be user friendly and intuitive.

• Automatic image resizing and database driven – only make updates once!

• Built with SEO capabilities incorporated

• Designed for the best UX, clear CTAs and an dynamic navigation

• One of the fastest, most adaptable, flexible and robust systems available

• Fully-supported by our dedicated team of software engineers

• Meets military security standards for website hosting

• Upgrade to MindType Enterprise at any time for bespoke design or functionality requirements (animation, page layouts, eCommerce, integration with other systems, stock control, data analysis, documents storage, log-in areas, etc)

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A fun peer recognition system that allows colleagues to show appreciation to each other with a virtual high five!

• Can be incorporated into other reward systems

• Link into your own brand values by recognising staff that encompass them

• Encourages a ‘thank you’ between all levels of staff

• Helps create a respectful and appreciative working environment

• Perfect for employee owned businesses


An all-encompassing, secure intranet for staff that incorporates FAQs, blogs, notices, important documentation, forms, policies and can link to other company services i.e. HR system, peer recognition, CRM system etc.

• Fully responsive for mobiles and tablets

• Downloadable as a web app

• Use as part of your induction process and ongoing internal comms

• Allows employees to share training experiences or other expertise and learnings by writing their own blog entries

• Secure store for all of your company’s important information, documents, templates, policies and processes, which can be easily accessed and downloaded

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An app which allows your culture, values and ethos to be cascaded to all staff via easy-to-access quiz questions delivered straight to their smartphones.

• Engage your employees with interesting facts and information relevant to your organisation

• Multi-site, multi-cultural, multi-lingual

• Give new employees an immersive experience in the culture of your company, before they even start

• Oversee progress and award points and badges

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